~cHaSiNg BrOkEn DrEaMs~



I do hate to describe myself, really >_<

So... what can I say? ...
I'm a basque girl, in her middle 20's, art student...
with many different interests, and who is trying to learn japanese properly (もっと勉強しなければならないけどさ~ p(・∩・)qガンバロウ!)
(and improve my english skills aswell, 'coz sometimes my english really sucks!(|||i'・ω・`))

and really,
don't know what else to say...
if there's something you specially want to know about me feel free to ask! ゚.+:。゙d(・ω・*)ネッ゚.+:

ε(❀◕‿◕ฺ)з ㋵✿ฺ㋺✿ฺ㋛✿ฺ㋗✿ฺ㋧✿ฺ♬ε(◕‿◕✿ฺ)з